The first patient

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Libro The first patient. From the blockbuster, New York Times bestselling author comes a high-concept, high-octane thriller at the crossroads of presidential politics and cutting-edge medicine. . . .

Gabe Singleton and Andrew Stoddard were roommates at the Naval Academy in Annapolis years ago. Today, Gabe is a country doctor and his friend Andrew has gone from war hero to governor to President of the United States. One day, while the United States is embroiled in a bitter presidential election campaign, Marine One lands on Gabe’s Wyoming ranch, and President Stoddard delivers a disturbing revelation and a startling request. His personal physician has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, and he desperately needs Gabe to take the man’s place. Despite serious misgivings, Gabe agrees to come to Washington. It is not until he is ensconced in the White House medical office that Gabe realizes there is strong evidence that the President is going insane. Facing a crisis of conscience—as President Stoddard’s physician, he has the power to invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment to transfer presidential power to the Vice President—Gabe uncovers increasing evidence that his friend’s condition may not be due to natural causes. Libro The first patient.

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  1. Katherine

    Gabe and Drew were once college roommates back at Annapolis. Now one of them is a small-town doctor and the other is President of the United States. When Gabe gets a call saying he’s needed in Washington, he comes. But things quickly spiral out of control. Drew has been experiencing mysterious medical attacks, a fact which has been kept from the public, and no one can figure out the cause. Worse, Gabe believes someone may be out to harm him.

    This book started out somewhat slowly at first, however at about 20% into it, things began to really pick up and the pieces began coming together into a very interesting medical thriller. Michael Palmer has a medical background and the level of detail in his books is wonderfully done. I really enjoyed the combination of presidential/secret service plot lines, along with the medical/technology plot lines and all the twists and turns this one threw in.

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