Catching fire (libro en inglés)
Catching fire (libro en inglés)
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Catching fire (libro en inglés)


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Libro Catching fire (libro en inglés). Sinopsis libro, reseña libro. Reviewers were happy to report that the Hunger Games trilogy is alive and well, and all looked forward to the third book in the series after this one´s stunning conclusion. But they disagreed over whether Catching Fire was as good as the original book Hunger Games or should be viewed as somewhat of a «sophomore slump.» Several critics who remained unconvinced by Katniss´s romantic dilemma made unfavorable comparisons to the human-vampire-werewolf love triangle in Stephenie Meyer´s Twilight series. But most reviewers felt that Catching Fire was still a thrill because Collins replicated her initial success at balancing action, violence, and heroism in a way that will enthrall young readers without giving them (too many) nightmares. Libro Catching fire (libro en inglés).

1 valoración en Catching fire (libro en inglés)

  1. Viole

    I think I wouldn’t be feeling quite so disappointed by this book if The Hunger Games hadn’t been quite so close to perfect. But there it is. Must be hard to compete with yourself when you set the bar so high.

    Where The Hunger Games is a tightly-plotted, fast-paced dystopian thriller heaped with romance and horror, this book is… well, a lot of the same. A WHOLE lot of the same plot. Redundantly similar at points, only slower moving and far less polished. Too much of the story is told rather than shown — whole months can go by in just a few pages — and yet the real action gets rolling about two thirds of the way through the book. There were times when the story actually seemed to PLOD.

    That said, this is an ARC and things could change. Here’s hoping this one sees some revision before its publication this fall. Collins is obviously capable of great things. And all complaints aside, this is a very compelling read. Fantastic characters, and the setup is definitely there for an interesting conclusion. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    THAT said, marks off for deus ex machina abuse.

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