Fishing in Africa (libro en inglés)

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Libro Fishing in Africa (libro en inglés). Sinopsis libro, reseña libro. For 10 years, Andrew Buckoke wrote about Africa for many of the major newspapers. Now he brings his experience and knowledge to bear in a book which opens up this often romanticesed and little understood continent. Libro Fishing in Africa (libro en inglés).

1 valoración en Fishing in Africa (libro en inglés)

  1. Seingalt

    Readable if slightly dated book about a journalist’s experience in (and opinions of) Africa. I was a bit disappointed because, forgive me, I did in fact want to read about fishing in Africa rather than about the corruption, massacres, poverty, starvation, disease and other familiar ills besetting that continent. And it’s those ills that the book’s about. There are but a few paragraphs on trout fishing in the Aberdares!

    For the most part, Buckoke’s opinions weren’t entirely new to me. I even agree with him about the baleful effects of socialism, of single-party regimes, of corruption, and, to a lesser extent, of humanitarian aid and of the indifference and callousness of the editors of major Western dailies (Buckoke seems, unfairly, I think, to save most of his scorn for the latter two ills).

    The book is also sloppily edited, with occasional grammatical lapses. One thing that annoyed me was the consistent failure to capitalize geographical features when they are part of a proper name: the Zambezi river, for example, rather than the Zambezi River.

    I was, however, impressed by Buckoke’s simple and persuasive argument for multiparty democracy: in sum, that it gives opponents ways to express themselves other than armed rebellion.

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